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Living the Spirit-filled life

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At Neuma School of the Spirit, you can expect your life to be transformed from the inside out. You will grow in understanding God's Word and develop practical ministry and life skills that enable you to live a Spirit-filled life, so you can bring revival to others.


Grow in your relationship with and reliance on God through studying God’s word.

Understand and be equipped to carry out your calling and mission to make disciples.

Live a life where the supernatural is a daily occurrence.

Experience freedom bought by God’s grace enabling you to serve others.

Grow in generosity in all areas of life and in your sense of belonging in the family of God

Be prepared for your ministry outside and inside the church, for mission and church planting.

Strengthen your spiritual discipline of prayer through your understanding of what the bible teaches.

and Mission


Neuma School of the Spirit exists to immerse students in the reality of the Kingdom of God; To equip revivalist to understand and experience the ministry of the Holy Spirit & to discover their true identity in Christ, with the goal of bringing revival to cities and nations.


Neuma School of the Spirit is based on a 5-Fold model of ministry that encourages students to identify, explore and develop their own spiritual gifting. NSOS explores the journey with God through contemplative transformational learning, dynamic ministry training that incorporates several teaching modalities including training, mentorship & small revival group discipleship.

Open Day
Interest Meetings